Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moose, Mooses, Meeses

I recently got my hair did all pretty like with nice highlights and a perm to make it all curly. The problem is that I didn’t have any hair products to showcase my perm to its permiest. My curls were all over the place. They flounced out and didn’t make the nice ringlets that I wanted but instead was this tangled mess of discombobulated hair. I wasn’t looking for anything too chemically since I already bombarded my hair with color and perm and didn’t want to kill it while maintaining its beauty. I searched high and low and purchased the following organic moose to try out:
Kiss My Face – Summertime
Samy E-Sen-Cia Styling Moose Pomegranate Marshmallow
Giovanni Organic Styling Moose

I started first with the Giovanni Organic Styling Moose which claimed that it made your hair even healthier after use. I don’t know if it did that or not but it formed my curls without making my hair stiff and held all day. The smell was pleasant and the aerator on the bottle did a wonderful job of making the moose stiff, airy and easy to apply.

Next I tried the Kiss My Face – Summertime fragranced styling moose. It did an ok job holding my curls but if you use too much it can defiantly make your hair crunchy. What bothered me the most about this moose was the smell. Summertime to them = canned orange soda gone bad smell to me. Not good Kiss My Face, not good at all. Plus the bottle aerator needs improving. It dispenses a half puffed and watery moose.

The last moose I tried was the Samy E-Sen-Cia Styling Moose Pomegranate Marshmallow. I’ll tell you the truth, I only purchased this because it had marshmallow on the label. Who doesn’t love marshmallows? Though it also said it was only 99% natural so it’s like borderline organic. I don’t know what the 1% is that is holding it back but I tried it anyway. This moose smells like black licorice which I enjoyed a lot since I love black licorice but confused me since I was expecting a sweet (marshmallow) pomegranate smell. It holds curls well and they are soft all day. The only thing that kind of put me off this moose was that when applied it kind of feels soapy. The aerator could also use some improvement. Not as watery as the Kiss My Face moose but still not stiff like the Giovanni moose.

All the moose I purchased was in the $7-$9 range per bottle. I really liked the Giovanni moose (which I found available locally at my CVS) and will probably stick with that as my daily routine but in a pinch I’d use the Samy moose. My curls are happy and my hair feels healthy and not weighed down. So if you’re on the look out for some organic hair moose I hope I helped you choose the right one.