Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Artful Winemaker

I like to drink the wine. No matter if it’s red, white, flavored, sparkling or any of the above there’s an occasion for every wine and a wine for every occasion. So I was overjoyed at the fact that I could make my own wine in one easy peasy kit. If you’ve thought of home wine making yourself you’ve probably seen things like jugs and hoses of some sort and blogs/instructions on all these different chemicals you need, etc. Not with the Artful Winemaker. This kit comes with everything you need to make 12 bottles of white or red. I received the Cabernet/Shiraz kit for Christmas and proceeded to make my wine.

Supposedly, 28 days later I should be enjoying my wonderful red, (unless you are as disorganized as I am and accidentally put the date in for 35 days later on your phone reminder) then 35 days later I enjoyed my wonderful red. You can’t even try to screw it up. It’s screwupable proof. Believe me, I did misread the instructions and even after accidentally putting the cones in wrong and leaving it in the container an extra week my wine turned out just fine. I even used the Artful Winemaker to make a homemade brew of Orange and clove wine using my own recipe and it worked great. If you like being creative and wine I suggest getting this great contraption.