Friday, May 1, 2015

Bud Light MixxTail

mixxtail hero 

Bring the bar indeed!  I'm usually not one that likes malted flavored beers or even regular beer since I'm mostly a Vodka girl but the Hubs wanted to try these MixxTail's when they came out.  We got a case of each kind.  They taste like the real thing.  Our favorite is the Hurricane, which has a very pineappley flavor to it.  I really enjoyed the Firewalker myself since I love Fireball and cider together  especially when it's chilly outside.  The Long Island is meh.  It tastes like a Long Island but has a weird after taste I did not care for.  If you are looking for a decent alcoholic beverage I would recommend trying these. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dr. Jart+ Water Mask

I was clicking along the internet one day when a yahoo story caught my eye. It claimed that you could look younger overnight. Well I'm always up for looking younger as heading into my 40's I've started to develop wrinkles under my eyes. They are not really bad yet but I'd like to prevent them. The story went on to review a couple of different ways to get this miracle look with stuff such as retinol treatments, oils, lotions, etc. But what caught my eye was this thing called a Water Mask.

Sounds hydrating! I liked the sound of it because I have oily skin and putting any lotions on makes me break out. So I went to my go to store and bought Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask. It touts it hydrates your skin with gel and you wake up revitalized and refreshed skin. I know it is a bit pricy at $48 but if it works it would be worth it.

When it arrived I started a night regiment.  I have to admit that usually I'd just go to bed makeup and all.  I know, I know, that is terrible for your skin.  So I got some Noxzema to wash my face with.  I like the cooling sensation and it's chock full of good oils for your skin.  Then Dr. Jart+ Water Mask.  The next morning my face felt good.  I washed the mask off and I could actually see a decrease in the puffiness around my eyes!

It was worth the $48!  The wrinkles that were starting around my eyes were halted in their tracks.  Yes there was a notable difference after using this product.  I used the whole container which lasted almost a year.  You just need one to two little pumps of this stuff a night to cover your face.  So when I ran out I went back to

There's a new water mask that Dr. Jart+ makes called the Premium Firming Water Mask.  If it was anything like the first one I was definitely going for it.  It is also priced at $48.  I like that this one also contains Kava.  Kava is a root herb that promotes sleep, calming and helps with anxiety.  When using the Premium Mask I sleep better and still get the benefits of hydrating my skin.  I like them both equally but would recommend the Premium Mask over the Water Fuse Mask just for the addition of the calming helpful sleep additive. 
Do you have a "go to" product that you use to help your skin?  If so let me know in the comments.  Now that I have a regimen I might look into adding some eye defining overnight creams or lip repair overnight balm.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Dear Foot Notes It's Been a Loooong Time

So long that I almost forgot I made you.  Well, I hope to change that in the future and start posting again.  I'm posting today because I tried something awesome and it works.

I tried a detox and not just a regular food or cleanse detox but a foot detox.  I know you've seen all the ads for those patches you put on your feet and everyone is all "They're a scam.  They don't work.  It's just your sweat that makes them turn all black.  Blah blah."

Well I thought why spend good ol money when I could make my own?  So after searching hours on the interwebs I only found two recipes for foot detoxing so I combined them and they worked!  At least they did on me.  I was feeling under the weather this morning so I thought I'd give it a try.  Holy smelly, Batman!  It's a good thing no one but me was in the house.  

Yes, it smells dreadful but after 4 hours and a shower I feel great.  In fact I haven't felt this energized in quite some time. 

So here are the two sites I got the recipes from:

I didn't have the dandelion root oil or the milk thistle so I didn't add them.  I also didn't have vitamin c but used EmergenC drink powder instead.  I also added some fresh ginger to the brew.  So I brewed this concoction for 30 minutes.  

I also did not have the pads so I jimmy rigged some gauze pads and ace bandage tape.  I also thought what's good for the feet could also be good for the armpits so I stuck pads there too.  

My armpits felt like fire for about 20 minutes then just a warm sensation.  I think it's from the cayenne pepper.  So I only kept those on for about two hours.  Funny thing is, when I took them off it looked as though it had whitened the skin where they were applied.

After 6 hours on my feet; I didn't get the dark change you see in the pictures on Earth Star Mammas blog but it looked as though the skin was, well, melted? I guess thats the closes explanation. It didn't hurt but I think it just took off the old skin that was there.  I wiped my feet off with the pad and again saw that my feet were lightened where the pad was.  

I cleaned off the stink of the combo of vinegar, onions, garlic, ginger mix in the shower.  About 20 minutes after the shower I was up and about with an energy I haven't felt in months.  Cleaned the house, worked on crafts, made dinner and still I'm not exhausted at all.  By this time any other day I'd be dragging ass.  

I know everyone is different and may have different effects but for me I'm keeping this recipe for those days I need to recoup.

Let me know if you try it too and how it made you feel in the comments.