Monday, April 27, 2015

Dear Foot Notes It's Been a Loooong Time

So long that I almost forgot I made you.  Well, I hope to change that in the future and start posting again.  I'm posting today because I tried something awesome and it works.

I tried a detox and not just a regular food or cleanse detox but a foot detox.  I know you've seen all the ads for those patches you put on your feet and everyone is all "They're a scam.  They don't work.  It's just your sweat that makes them turn all black.  Blah blah."

Well I thought why spend good ol money when I could make my own?  So after searching hours on the interwebs I only found two recipes for foot detoxing so I combined them and they worked!  At least they did on me.  I was feeling under the weather this morning so I thought I'd give it a try.  Holy smelly, Batman!  It's a good thing no one but me was in the house.  

Yes, it smells dreadful but after 4 hours and a shower I feel great.  In fact I haven't felt this energized in quite some time. 

So here are the two sites I got the recipes from:

I didn't have the dandelion root oil or the milk thistle so I didn't add them.  I also didn't have vitamin c but used EmergenC drink powder instead.  I also added some fresh ginger to the brew.  So I brewed this concoction for 30 minutes.  

I also did not have the pads so I jimmy rigged some gauze pads and ace bandage tape.  I also thought what's good for the feet could also be good for the armpits so I stuck pads there too.  

My armpits felt like fire for about 20 minutes then just a warm sensation.  I think it's from the cayenne pepper.  So I only kept those on for about two hours.  Funny thing is, when I took them off it looked as though it had whitened the skin where they were applied.

After 6 hours on my feet; I didn't get the dark change you see in the pictures on Earth Star Mammas blog but it looked as though the skin was, well, melted? I guess thats the closes explanation. It didn't hurt but I think it just took off the old skin that was there.  I wiped my feet off with the pad and again saw that my feet were lightened where the pad was.  

I cleaned off the stink of the combo of vinegar, onions, garlic, ginger mix in the shower.  About 20 minutes after the shower I was up and about with an energy I haven't felt in months.  Cleaned the house, worked on crafts, made dinner and still I'm not exhausted at all.  By this time any other day I'd be dragging ass.  

I know everyone is different and may have different effects but for me I'm keeping this recipe for those days I need to recoup.

Let me know if you try it too and how it made you feel in the comments. 

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