Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Febreze Takes My Smell Away

I bought this stuff the other day hoping it would alleviate the stench that two grown dogs in 100+ degree weather brings to your home. I don’t really like original Febreze smell, I preferred the spray that Downy came out with for fabrics. It had a nice soft Downy smell to it and made everything smell like it just came out of the dryer. Unfortunately, I could not find Downy’s fabric freshener at the store any longer so decided to give Febreze one more go. I purchased the three pack of the home d├ęcor selection. These sprays were different from the bulky blue bottle I’ve used in the past and I was so surprised at the new smells they had come up with. My favorite is the Lavender & Vanilla scent but all of them are wonderful and not too overpowering. They got the job done and instead of smelling sweaty dog when I come through the door, I now smell a fresh field of Lavender & Vanilla. I use this all the time now. It’s a great product. Way to go Febreze!

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