Friday, October 2, 2009

The Acer Aspire One 751h-1211 Netbook

I purchased this lovely Netbook about two weeks ago and I am just loving it. A Netbook is a mini version of a laptop only it has no internal CD drive or the processing speed of a normal laptop. In trade you get a more compact and lighter pc. I liked this laptop that I purchased from for $366. Not only was it cheaper than a full sized laptop but it comes in all different kinds of colors. I chose the red and it is very chic. The only problems I’ve had so far is that it comes with Vista. Anyone who has Vista knows what I’m talking about. Windows Vista is extremely slow and really not designed for slower processors which the Netbooks are based on. This netbook came with 250GB hard drive capacity which in my research so far is the highest I could get in my price range without spending more than $500. It also has 2GB standard memory unlike the others I found that only had 1GB. The 11.6” screen is also larger than those I could get in the same price range. The only reason this one was a bit more than those you see on sale at Amazon for $299 is because it comes with a 6 cell Li-ion Battery which lasts over 7 hours. The whole point of Netbooks is to have “mobile” computing so when purchasing remember to always check the cell. 3 cells will only last about 3-4 hrs. Since purchasing I’ve learned Acer is going to be introducing a 9 cell which I’ll be upgrading when it comes out. Along with the Windows 7 when that comes out also. Don’t expect your netbook to totally replace your laptop. Like I said your trading some processing power for the light mobility netbooks provide so the processor is going to go slower than a regular laptop. If you have some light computing to do and want to stay connected on the move this is a good choice in netbooks.

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