Friday, October 23, 2009

Cutest Tire Swing in the World

I know this one isn’t quite a review as I didn’t purchase one myself but as the Hubs and I checked out Seaport Village in San Diego I came upon this:

This is a fantastic and creative way to reuse a tire. Come on, look at it and is that not the cutest tire swing you’ve ever seen?! And that’s not all. When I took a look inside the store (which mostly sold hammocks) I saw this:

It's a parrot made out of a tire and spray painted. You could possibly fill them with seed and make a bird feeder out of them or water to make a bird bath or make them planters. Or just hang them in your yard because they are the cutest. I have an old tire in my back yard that we found on our property. I’m going to see if the Hubs can make a parrot for me. While searching for cutout plans I found this great site that sells these awesome green swings. Check them out at

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