Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's In What's Out

Every month I post what I feel is in and what is definitely out. (imagine out said in Heidi Klum project runway fashion).


In: Sweaters!!! I'm obsessed with my sweater/hoodie collection. Every year around fall I like to add a new favorite.

Cashmere butterflies and koi, oh my!

This cardigan looks sooooo coooozzzyy. I want to wrap up in it right now!

I know, this one kind of looks like a dreaded butterfly top but please note the dolman cut sleeve.

Fluttery weird arm hole shirts AKA butterfly blouse. Now, don't get me wrong I like these shirts but I'm confused about the weird arm holes. I don't personally own one so if you do please tell me what happens when you lift your arms? Does it look like you have wings?

Creepy flying arm hole body suit anyone?

Welcome to the 80's.

I actually kind of like this one once you get past the flying squirrelesque sleeves.

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