Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cutting it Up Opportunity

Just in time for my new kitchen renovation I’m getting a wonderful opportunity to review this lovely product:

The Ginsu Cutlery. I’m super excited to try to cut cans then try to cut tomatoes. Will they live up to their reputation? I dunno. But look how sparkly they are. This wonderful opportunity is provided by Living Rooms Direct, an online source for living room furniture and accessories. You gotta check out their site. I spent days looking through their inventory. See, Living Rooms Direct is connected to CNS Stores which have about a billion different stores that have a trillion different products from card tables to backpacks and anything else you can think of. Talk about your one stop shop. I'm totally bookmarking thier page.


Anonymous said...

nice product

BrazenBareToe said...

Solar-I'm hoping they are. I haven't received them yet but from what I hear they are the best for the price.