Friday, August 21, 2009

My Cutlery Experience

Oooohhh, aaaahhhh, so shiny

My Ginsu Knife Set arrived yesterday and I was super excided to open it up and try them out. Luckily I took out some Cornish game hens early to defrost and was going to whip up a proper meal. (Plus they were the only thing left in the freezer. I really have to go shopping soon.) It was a little bit of a learning curve using these knives as unlike the traditional knives I use these have a kind of scalloped edge almost like a bread knife edge and I was used to flat straight edges. I thought this might make for a more jagged cut but I was completely wrong. These knives cut through everything I needed to season my dinner in no time flat.

And of course you knew I had to try this:

It didn’t affect the cutting edge at all.

But what surpassed all my expectations is when I had to cut the game hens in half (usually a great chore with my old knives). I was so surprised at how easy these knives cut through bone and cartilage without even slowing them down. Seriously it was like cutting butter. I’m so going to enjoy using this set on all my culinary adventures. Thanks again to the folks at Living Rooms Direct letting me have the opportunity to review them.

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