Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pattypan Reusable Lunch/Snack Bag

The Pattypan Shop is Awesome

And so is Etsy for introducing me to them. Etsy.com is a place where you can find homemade items and I’ve patronized a couple of shops there and they are awesome to work with. I was on the search for a lunch box. Not your typical lunch box but a reusable, waterproof, and snazzy lunch box. I also need one kind of slim and ended up getting a lunch bag instead but check out this lunch bag.

Is it not the cutest thing ever?! It’s lined with waterproof material so if my lunch kinda leaks a little it won’t get all over everything in my TH bag which is the reason why I picked this lunch bag. Also they have these little snack packs that have Velcro enclosures (I got one of these too) that matched my bag and are just too adorable. And if my lunch leaks in my lunch bag I can just throw it in the wash. And the best part is that this is a green item I can use over and over again.

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