Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rachael Ray Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Rachael Ray Stainless Pots and Pans
I purchased these pots and pans for my Hubs for Christmas. Before you get all, “what you bought cookware for your husband?!” I just want to point out that the Hubs has been stretching his culinary wings lately but our sad $20 for a box of cookware bought 4 years ago just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Boy, did I get a shocker shopping around for cookware. Some sets I looked at were starting at $500 a set. I know the Hubs wanted to steer clear of the Teflon (that’s what we had then) because he wanted to be able to bake in the pans also, like those cooks do on Food Network. Finding a set that was A) Teflonless B) able to be put straight in the oven C) Wasn’t too girlie/old looking*, took some research.

Yeah, you could say that Rachael Ray’s set with the orange handles is a little girly but it was the cheapest and all the reviews said it was a good set for the price.

So we had the set for a while and I decided to make soup in the stock pot and found that the handle rivets leaked. Curious, I took out all the pots and pans and filled them with water. Two pans and the stockpot leaked where the handle rivets were. Since these were covered under a warranty I tried to find the warranty info. which we so cleverly threw out with all the Christmas wrapping paper. Finding any information online was like wading through murky water. Finally the Hubs happened to find a flyer that came with the set and in small print it had the name of the distributor. So contacting them we finally got someone to help us. They said they would send replacements but when the replacements arrived they accidently sent us the Teflon coated pans instead of the stainless steel. Eventually they got it right and we got non-leaking pans and a pot.

The warranty company was very accommodating and we had no problems getting replacements (the right ones eventually) and I have to say that for the price these pots and pans do a great job. They are easy to clean and heat up nicely and evenly. A great value for the price.

*Seriously, have you seen these Paula Dean ones? They have “Grandma lives here” written all over them.

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