Saturday, August 6, 2011

HCG Diet

The HCG diet. I tried this diet for two months and lost 20 pounds. The diet consists of calorie reduction, portion control and supplements. The first three days you eat like a pig then you are constricted to a 500 calorie diet for the duration of the diet period. 26 days. You are also supposed to take HCG drops (three drops three times per day). Or you can up to pay big bucks and get HCG injected by your doctor. HCG is a hormone that is produced by women during pregnancy or during their menstruation time. The hormone and the extreme diet make you get results fast.

Who doesn’t want to see that they lost ten pounds in a week? Yeah, those drops may be the psychological factor but if you restrict anyone’s diet to just 500 calories a day anyone can lose weight even if you don’t exercise. Eventually though your body will get used to it and start storing anything over 500 calories as fat. It will also make you lethargic and mess up your hormones. This is what happened to me. On top of this drastic weight loss I was under tons of stress at work. So doing this diet was just one of the factors that lead me to being diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue. Now I have to take even more hormones and an ungodly amount of vitamins and minerals a day to fix what HCG has done to my body (all under the instruction and careful monitoring of my doctor).

Though the effects of the HCG diet did, in fact, make me lose weight the cost was extremely high to my health. This is an abnormal response to the diet as my girlfriend has done it on and off with no complications and my chiropractor swears by the stuff and recommends it to her obese patients. I on the other had had gained back the weight I lost (but no more than what I started out with) and am on a regimented supplement plan by my doc. Finding out clearly that this diet was just not for me and may not be healthy for those that need an ongoing weight management plan. It will help you lose those pesky five pounds fast and is an ok diet for short period weight loss or a weight loss booster to get you into a more regimented long term plan. You may want to forgo the drops though and just stick with the 500 calorie diet.

You can learn more about the HCG diet here.

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