Thursday, August 4, 2011

Does your diet do it for ya?

It’s no surprise that I struggle with weight loss. I mean, come on what woman has not struggled with weight loss at one time or another in their life? And if you are one of those that says “it’s never been a problem I can eat all I want and not gain a pound” then you missy are at the wrong place and leave your address so I can shoot you. In the past I’ve tried extreme to mediocre diets ranging from the 500 cal HCG to, Atkins, Nutrisystem and Slim Fast. They all work!

For a little while, then you gain it all back with some and move on to the next diet. So I’m asking; what works for you? Is it a combo of two diets? Do you not worry about what you eat and just exercise everyday?

I work out three times a week for usually 30 to 60 minutes of combo of cardio, stretching, small weights (for the arms) or Yoga. But it’s the diet that gets me. I think I eat quite healthy. I make my own meals and don’t like sweets. I try to stay away from fast food and usually opt for a salad instead of burger but sure enough, if I stray away from a regimented diet then all hell breaks loose up in here and these jeans start getting tight again.

To follow will be my experiences and reviews of the diets listed above starting out with the HCG miracle diet where I lost over 15 pounds on.

Let me know of any interesting diets that have worked for you in the comments. I’d love to review them and see if they would work for me too.

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