Thursday, August 11, 2011

iPad 2 AKA My White Whale

In June I found myself in such a dilemma. See, I have an affinity for romance novels especially the historical ones. I got the craving for a good romance trilogy and found a book by Amanda Quick at the local grocery store. Unfortunately it was the second in the trilogy and everyone knows you can’t start a trilogy in the second book so the first book hunt began. I searched the big box store (only because romance novels are way cheaper there) with no luck. I tried the local bookstore, again, no dice. Any and all grocery stores, no, no and no. Where have all the trashy love novels gone?

Digital. They went digital and now if you want a book, like right this second, because we are in the instant gratification age, you can get one but you have to have a device to read it with. The question is which one? I am desperately, irrevocably in love with my iPhone so my obvious choice was the iPad. Unfortunately it was extremely expensive so I hemmed and hawed about it for a month straight.

The Hubs finally gave up at my persistent melancholy and got me a white iPad2 for my anniversary gift. I have not been able to put it down. Since July I have read over 6 books on this thing. It’s like magic. I can eBay, check my email, look up unimportant things on the internet while watching tv. It never leaves my side. Therefore my Hubs has deemed it my white whale. I still love reading a real book but once you go iPad you’ll understand its appeal. It is slim and easy to cart around and I can get any book anytime in 10 seconds or less. I’m also addicted to Heartwild Solitaire and can I just say, Netflix is even more awesome on a screen bigger than 3x5 (sorry iPhone).

I did look at other devices but found the following lacked:
Kindle – had buttons to navigate and only black and white.
Nook – can only get nook books on it (might not be the cheapest book)
iPad – can get Kindle books, Nook books, Google Books, iBooks and shop for the cheapest one. Plus I can do so much more like check twitter, facebook, email and surf the internets.

The iPad won out completely and I’m so happy with my white whale.

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